NWRCT Annual Report 2022-2023

From the Executive Director

With deepest gratitude, I acknowledge the team of NWRCT, who through constant changes around us all show up, commit, and dedicate themselves to the work of the Centre and the community. I have watched so many of you grow, and I am honoured to watch not only our community participants thrive but also the team members.

A sacred bundle has been created with each of you. This bundle also includes the Board of Directors, who have committed themselves, their time and their expertise to the agency and community. Your support, knowledge and devotion support the success of my role, the agency, and the longevity of the work.

This year brought unique difficulties, including soaring costs and housing instability. With the kindness of our donors, volunteers and funders, we have been able to stand firm through the hardest of times. To our funders, who commit to elevating the agency profile and to supporting our programs and operations, we thank you. To the donors, who recognize the community and who have built special relationships with us, we cherish you. To the volunteers who are consistent, helpful and caring, your time is priceless and valuable, and its impacts run deep through the agency. Miigwetch for being you.

Our Healers continue to offer spiritual connection, support and direction. They never falter and are a gift to each of us. As we aim to make access barrier-free and culture available in all steps of a journey, they are there to elevate the community and each of us along the way.

The year was witness to an increase in creative programming, as well as an increased demand for traditional supports and clinical therapy, and we were able to support more than 3000 community members through 9000+ lunches, essential needs provision, over 1300 ceremonies, countless innovative programming, and six community and public events. We elevated the voices of Indigenous women while creating awareness, and aim to continue this through the years to come.

Miigwetch. It is sacred to be a part of this story.

Pamela Hart

Executive Director

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