NWRCT Annual Report 2020-2021

From the Executive Director

After such a unique year, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and offer gratitude to each amazing staff member and management staff member for your fearless commitment, creative direction and safe dedication to community. I acknowledge each volunteer; without you, we would not have succeeded in serving community throughout the ongoing pandemic. Every artist, business, foundation and person who supported us, every community member who turned to us and participated with us, we are proud to continue working with you and are dedicated to listening to you, doing better and enhancing our services.

A special note to our amazing funders and donors: nothing would be possible without your contributions and support. You make the work of NWRCT possible through the acknowledgement of our efforts, your kind spirits and your generosity.

Our mission and vision are inspired by community and participants, and your continuous presence and determination strengthen our purpose, which fuels our commitment to evolve in every way possible to help serve community better. Our creativity and determination stem from each of you and it drives the future of NWRCT.

Distinct gratitude is expressed to our two in-house Traditional Practitioners/Healers, Mary Ann Shoefly and Judy Sackaney. We recognize your efforts and the wisdom that you bring to the heart of the Centre and the supports offered to the staff, clients and community. You continue to nurture spirits, offer tools for healing, promote wellbeing and support those most in need. Chi Miigwetch to both of you for preserving and maintaining our culture, for your leadership and for the beauty of evolving in response to the uncertainty we faced this past year. Your teachings and guidance remind us to walk in balance and beauty as Indigenous women.

To the Board of Directors, I offer gratitude for your effort and collective leadership. Thank you for the support you deliver and for the work you put in to provide guidance. The effort is unique, distinct and vital to the operations of the Centre and in the growth of Indigenous women.

Thank you to the TASSC agencies and sister agencies for their personal and agency support. Your great leadership creates collective efforts that serve community swiftly and collaboratively. The quick and supportive action from all was one of beauty.

This past year was a challenge that affected staff, community and the operations of NWRCT. COVID-19 was an unpredictable and unknown circumstance that will have lasting effects on the futures of our community. However, we are honoured to say that NWRCT quickly offered self-directed programs to maintain wellbeing, online programs, and remote sessions with Healers. We pivoted quickly and offered remote access to staff, grocery delivery, an emergency COVID hotline, and safe relocation for women in high-risk or violent situations. NWRCT continues to monitor and navigate the ongoing pandemic while considering and implementing all measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and community members.

This year we report that we supported 40 community members, some with children, in securing permanent housing, and held over 30 Shake Tent ceremonies. We held 12 Full Moon ceremonies and offered naming ceremonies throughout the year. We served over 3,700 hot meals, supported 2,047 clients though the Centre, and 10 Trans and 2S-identifying individuals were directly impacted by our services and programs. More than 30 women who required crisis/trauma supports were wrapped with care through NWRCT. Over 40 devices were provided to create access to programming and offer opportunities for community to stay connected.

We will aim to continue and maintain the services that provide sincere, supportive, capacity-enhancing care. We apply ourselves each year to be innovative and focused to ensure that the community of NWRCT feels empowered and confident in their roles of Indigenous women to lead for the next seven generations for our children and community.

Chi Miigwetch,

Pamela Hart

Executive Director

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