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If you’re ready to go back to school…

The Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto will help you create a plan to upgrade your education to prepare you to enroll in college or university. The Nbaakaawin Kwe (Wisdom Woman) Learning Program also provides one-to-one instruction in English, math, and computer skills in a supportive environment where you can learn at your own pace.

At the Learning Centre, you may access the tutoring space or computer lab. We also have group activities such as writing workshops and field trips for teachings on the land.

Call (416) 963-9963 or email or to begin learning.

Need a job? Check out our Employment program.


Age requirement?

Adult women (or those who identify as women) are welcome to participate!

Do you offer GED?

We work with women up to a Grade 9 level but we can help you study for the GED.

Where else can I find help?

The Nbaakaawin Kwe (Wisdom Woman) Learning Program is funded by MAESD – Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (an Operator of Employment Ontario).