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Kim Barrington
Kim BarringtonVice President
Kim Barrington was born to a French settler family in Sudbury ON. After spending her early adulthood on the west coast she returned to Ontario to make a home for herself close to her family.

She is a daughter, sister and mother of two boys in the East end of Toronto. Professionally, she is a client relations executive with 25 years’ experience in the Telecommunications sector. Over the last several years, her leadership position has provided her the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the voices of Indigenous employees and communities. This work involved education of non-Indigenous companies on Indigenous history and culture, the removal of systemic barriers to employment of Indigenous peoples and building a priority around Call to Action #92 of the Truth and Reconciliation Report. This work has blossomed into the development of an all Indigenous team within Rogers whose primary focus is to ensure equal access to high speed internet for Indigenous Communities.

Kim has recently moved into the Financial Services sector where she plans to continue to champion economic equity and sustainability and challenge her settler colleagues to do more.

Kim is incredibly proud to have been elected into the role of Vice-President of the Board at Native Women’s Resource Centre in Toronto in November 2021.