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Ahneen, Hello,

Excited, optimistic, humbled and honoured are some of the many words that come to mind as I step into the position of Executive Director with Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto.

Taking on this role is not a decision I have made lightly. I feel a great sense of responsibility, to the community, the team, our funders/partners, and to all of my Sisters. I am committed to fostering the health and longevity of NWRCT and I am honoured to contribute to the healing and growth of our community. I will endeavor to do so through the reconnection of culture and wellness in all directions.

NWRCT has been going through a time of transition and has experienced several changes.  I believe this has had great impact on our clients and community. As we now enter a season of rebuilding, it is in my judgement we need to start by listening to the voices of those most impacted. In the coming months, NWRCT will be seeking feedback through community engagements to provide us with honest suggestions on how to improve the delivery of programs and services.

I strive to lead in a way that is inclusive, transparent, and collaborative, with a focus on the positive growth of the team.  It is important that leaders foster the growth of our peers and colleagues, with the ultimate goal that they will surpass us in knowledge, wisdom, and contributions to the wellbeing of the community.

Despite the challenges of recent months, our foundation remains strong. We will continue to use the 7 Sacred Teachings for direction and grounding. We will work to fulfil the mandate of NWRCT in the healthiest way possible and as a united team of staff.

I will strive to do things in a good way but this is not something I can do alone. I will ask the Grandmothers to develop a circle of care to support my journey.  I will seek unity towards the common goal of the health and wellbeing of our community.  I will lean on the wisdom of others and the strength of our community to direct our path.

I hope for us to push one another, ask the difficult questions, and break down what we currently see as the standard. We have the opportunity to lift each other up to our rightful place and to lift the woman to a place of empowerment and strength. Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto is committed to serving our Indigenous women, and we know in doing so we are serving the entire community.  If our women are strong, we are all strong.

I look forward to working and building with each of you,



Pamela Hart